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      China Energy’s National Scientific and Technological Support Project Passes Inspection


      Recently, the Department of High and New Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology entrusted Shanghai Science and Technology Commission to inspect and accept the research project named “development and demonstration of key technologies concerning 600,000-1 million KW critical front and rear walls opposed firing π-type boiler fueled with Xinjiang high-alkali coal,” a national scientific and technological support project. After careful inquiries and discussions, experts of the evaluation team agreed unanimously that the research project passed relevant inspection.

      The research project put forward the selection principles for key parameters of furnace of Zhundong coal-fired boiler, completed the integrated design of the 660MW critical front and rear walls opposed firing π-type boiler fueled with Zhundong coal, and proposed the principle of prevention and control of slag, contamination and corrosion of all-firing Zhundong coal. It also developed key technologies for slag, pollution and corrosion prevention, including the full-coverage furnace intelligent hydraulic ash-blowing system, the integrated milling-combustion device, the online detection system of alkali and metal content in coal and flue gas. These key technologies have been verified on the Zhundong coal-furnace boilers in active service. The team of the research project submitted 37 patent applications.

      After inspection and evaluation, the expert team acknowledged that the research project fulfilled the goals of the task book and met the requirements of evaluation, and agreed that it passed the inspection.