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      China Energy Wins Bid for National Energy Administration’s Hydrogen Project


      Recently, the National Energy Administration (NEA) announced winners of bids for 2019 research projects concerning energy strategies and plans. As the president unit of China National Alliance of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell (NAHFC), China Energy Investment Corporation, with Deputy CEO Mi Shuhua serving as the project director, teamed up with NAHFC member units including China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group, Tongji University, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and the General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals, as well as Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, to win the bid for “Special Studies on Hydrogen Industry Development”.

      The project is a trailblazer in special studies on hydrogen energy at the national level, and will be followed by an estimate of the potential and costs of commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cells based on the status quo and trends of hydrogen technologies and industry, as well as investigation and research on the development of the hydrogen industry in European countries, America, Japan and South Korea.

      In July 2018, NAHFC organized experts and scholars in the industry to begin compiling a White Paper on Chinese Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry. The success in winning the bid implies a recognition of the early research results of the White Paper and China Energy’s efforts in promoting the development of the hydrogen industry.